Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus



NGINX Microservices June 微服务之月

Microservices June 微服务之月是一个为期四周的免费线上教学项目,旨在与您共同开启一段微服务之旅。整个项目将分为四个单元,主要关注与 Kubernetes 网络相关的话题。F5 NGINX 团队的多位架构师也将作为单元导师深度参与,通过互动和答疑全力加速您的学习之旅。

NGINX Instance Manager

IT 团队通常对他们的 NGINX 集群没有足够的可见性。NGINX Instance Manager 使 IT 团队能够跟踪 NGINX 开源版和 NGINX Plus 实例,并使 DevOps 团队能够在单一控制面板上更新配置和证书。

NGINX Controller 应用交付模块

NGINX Controller 允许您在多云环境中管理多个 NGINX Plus 服务器,并基于最佳实践提供应对建议。

NGINX App Protect Denial of Service

NGINX App Protect Denial of Service is a modern application security solution specifically designed to protect your most critical assets – applications – from Layer 7 attacks, which can evade traditional network defenses to hurt your revenue and reputation.

NGINX Service Mesh

NGINX Service Mesh is free and scales with your Kubernetes environment no matter where you are in your microservices journey, from open source project to secure and scalable enterprise-grade solution.

NGINX Plus on Arm-Based AWS Graviton2 AMIs

Amazon EC2 AMIs are powered by the AWS Graviton2 Processor, built on 64‑bit Arm Neoverse cores. The M6g AMI delivers 40% better price-performance and 20% lower cost than x86-based instances with NGINX Plus as a reverse proxy and API gateway.

NGINX Training Course Catalog

NGINX, part of F5, offers training so you can get the most out of your NGINX ecosystem. Courses are available across different experience and skill levels, from NGINX fundamentals to advanced load balancing, advanced caching, security, and more.

The State of Modern App Delivery 2020 in the NGINX Open Source Community

Check out this infographic for key takeaways from our NGINX user survey about the state of app delivery in 2020: the rising dominance of microservices and containers, the most popular associated technologies, and the challenges faced by app delivery professionals.

NGINX Plus and AWS

NGINX and Amazon have partnered to provide high-performance application delivery solutions for AWS applications. From self-service provisioning to turnkey environments, NGINX Plus helps you get the most from your AWS applications.

High Performance, Cloud-Native Apps with AWS and NGINX

NGINX and Amazon Web Services provide high-performance application delivery solutions for AWS services. From self-service provisioning to turnkey environments, our offerings help you migrate your apps, integrate your environments, and automate your toil.

High-Performance Application Delivery with Red Hat and NGINX

Optimize your application delivery infrastructure with seamless integration of the NGINX Application Platform with some of the most popular Linux, automation, and container platforms: Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

NGINX App Protect

NGINX App Protect 兼具高级 F5 WAF 技术的有效性与 NGINX Plus 的敏捷性和高性能。该解决方案在 NGINX Plus 原生实例上运行,可解决现代 DevOps 环境面临的一些严峻挑战。

在裸机服务器上部署 NGINX Plus 的选型指南

在特定服务器大小上运行的 NGINX Plus 可以实现的性能级别(HTTP RPS、SSL TPS、吞吐量),并详细说明了实现 NGINX Plus 不同性能水平所需的硬件规格,以及该硬件的典型成本。

NGINX Application Platform

The NGINX Application Platform helps reduce complexity by consolidating common functions down to far fewer components – in many cases, down to a single piece of software. Streamline your application stack and begin migrating to a modern, microservices-based architecture.

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